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Inspired from the "Obisphere" object of art.
Dimension: 6 x 6 x 32"h

See Obisphere


"Return To Classic Form"  May 2002, Featured Installation

Jeffrey Bigelow Custom Obisphere Dining Table  List:$44,600.00
Dimensions: 144" x 54" x 29"h.  Specifications: 8 Leg Table. Frosted Spheres, Glass top 3/4"th. w/ 1" beveled edge (one piece)


The table is constructed of solid acrylic.  Each leg features a 6"d. solid acrylic ball frosted to collect the light that is picked up in every surface of every beam. The leg is obelisk in shape which lends to the classic fit and finish.


The design was inspired by the Obisphere designed by Jeffrey Bigelow as an accessory.  This table, installed in Cleveland, Ohio for the Chicago based Interior Designer Richard Himmel Associates, is twelve feet long.  The glass top is one piece with 1" beveled edges. The bas is constructed in two sections, however the interface is almost invisible to the eye.  The acrylic legs have as there dominate design element a 5.5" diameter solid acrylic ball.  Although available in clear polished acrylic, the sphere acts as a lens and creates a hot point 2" away from the surface of the sphere opposite the sun.  No direst sunlight?  No problem.